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Miscellaneous Antiques For Sale

Ad #
Ad Title
FS Vintage Postcards01/04/15
  Vintage Postcards
I have a collection of vintage postcards for sale. I don't have time to list them individually, but do have them catego ...

FS Vintage Wood Child's Highchair02/09/14
   Vintage Wood Child's Highchair
Chicago pick only/ Illinois residents pay 9.25% sales tax. Paypal or postal money order. Chicago pick up. Jazz'e Junque ...

FS Antique Wood High Chair Chicago Pick Up Only10/16/13
  Antique Wood High Chair Chicago Pick Up Only
Chicago pick up only ~ Il. res pay 9.25% sales tax. Paypal or postal money order. Chicago pick up only. Jazz'e Junque 34 ...

FS House Of Broel Collection 1970's Porcelain Ram04/26/15
    House Of Broel Collection 1970's  Porcelain Ram
From The House of Broel Collection For your buying consideration is this exquisitely 1970's porcelain Collectible Ram ...

FS House Of Broel Collection 1970's Rose & Cherub Set04/26/15
    House Of Broel Collection 1970's Rose & Cherub Set
From The House of Broel Collection For your buying consideration is this exquisitely 1970's Collectible Rose and Cher ...

FS Art Collection 1970's Southern Charm Clock04/26/15
    Art Collection 1970's Southern Charm Clock
From The House of Broel Collection For your buying consideration is this exquisitely 1970's Southern Charm Porcelain ...

FS House Of Broel Collection 1970's Herb Bowl 04/26/15
    House Of Broel Collection 1970's Herb Bowl
From The House of Broel Collection For your buying consideration is this exquisite 1970's Herb Bowl with coordinating ...

Miscellaneous Antiques Wanted to Buy

Ad #
Ad Title
WTB Diagnostic & Statistical Manual First Edition 195209/28/15
DSM-1, any condition. original print 1952 edition.

WTB Teddy Roosevelt Hunting Collectables05/19/15
Looking for the Teddy Roosevelt 1905 Rossi Rifle Some where out there is a 1905 Teddy Roosevelt Rossi Rifle. Canadians Joe Farris, his brother Sylvan and Bill Marrifield were friends and hunting buddies of Teddy Roosevelt on his last secret trip to the Bad Lands of ND, Bill Marrifield gave Teddy Roosavelt a 1905 Rossi Rifle with his name engraved on it. I would like to find this Rifle, I am prepred to pay what ever the price.

WTB Daniel Bury Woven Coverlet10/30/14
Want to buy a coverlet identifed in the corner block as woven by Daniel Bury in Cornersburgh, Ohio. The coverlet must be complete and in good or better condition with no major repairs

WTB Gone With the Wind Clothing Wanted09/04/14
Looking for any 1940s original Gone With the Wind label clothing. Wedding dress, coat, formals,hats etc. Must be properly tagged and reasonably priced. Send photo and description with price.

WTB Pre 1950 Postcards Wanted05/20/14
Wanted pre 1950 postcards..Do you have a shoebox of old postcards??Fair prices paid for family accumulations, albums or collections.

WTB Boy Scout Collector Seeks Scouting Stamps & Covers02/09/14
Boy Scout Collector Looking for Scouting Stamps & Covers, both United States and Foreign from 1907 to 2007. Please e-mail with a good description of what you have. Thanks.

WTB Movie Props07/15/13
I am looking for any movie props that were used in the 1944 war film "a walk in the sun". I am trying to obtain some props for each of my classic movies that I have collected. Therefore if you know of any place where I may try to obtain this information it would be greatly appreciated.

WTB Wanted: Vintage Pulaski Keepsake Nightstand07/01/13
Looking for a nightstand to match a 1977 Pulaski Keepsake bedroom set. Honey/golden oak color, with tiny flecks of black in the finish. If I remember correctly, there were a couple of options for style of nightstands that would go with the series, but I can't remember exactly what they looked like. The top drawer and the top of the cabinet should have a bowed out, curved design. There should be a second drawer, or possibly some kind of stained glass cabinet option that would match the wash stand.

WTB Sprinklin Sambo Sprinkler07/17/13
Looking for a sprinklin sambo lawn sprinkler. Thank you. Mike

WTB John P. Squire Pig Tin Sign05/15/13
Hello. I am looking for an antique kitchen tin platter/sign. It is from John P. Squire & Co. of Boston. It's a picture of a pig with the words "We Recommend Squire's" and the pig has a chain around its neck that says "John P. Squire & Company, Boston". Thank you! Tracy

WTB Atelier Fauni Moomintrolls12/25/12
WANTED: Atelier Fauni made Moomintrolls for a private collection in honor of my mother

WTB Wooden Victorian Doll House - Blue With Porch11/18/12
Looking for a specific wooden victorian doll house. Wooden, blue, wrap around porch. Key is that the refrigerator has an ice box and toilet has a pull chain. I have pictures to confirm it's the one I need. Please let me know if you have it or know where I can get it!

WTB Want To Buy Top To Noritake Teapot02/06/12
I just need the top to a teapot - Noritake Green Bamboo with gold trim

WTB 1930's KOMIC Kamera Wanted Tin12/04/11
looking for a 1930's Tin Komic Kamera made for viewing 35mm comic films

WTB Plastic Cameras09/23/11
I am seeking to round out a modest collection of plastic cameras, which all come in a variety of vivid colors. Am specifically looking for:
1. Sabre or Valiant 620
2. Savoy and Savoy Mark II
3. Imperial Flash Mark XII
4. Imperial Debonair

WTB Recipe Box09/18/11
I am looking for a vintage red metal recipe box with the word "recipe" and a little baker man with bakers hat painted in white on the top of the lid.

WTB Antiques Wanted02/07/11
All furniture Antique & quality modern, Art Deco, Arts & Crafts, Decorative Arts, Mid-century Modern, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, Period furniture, Georgian Furniture, Victorian furniture, Edwardian furniture, 20th Century, Designer furniture, Georgian Silver, Gold, Diamonds & Jewellery all wanted for cash.

Wanted Urgently Paid in Cash.

Desks, partners desks, writing tables, bookcases, tables & chairs, chest of drawers, bureaux, chandeliers, work boxes, sofa tables, dining tables, dining chairs, tripod tables, lowboys, tallboys, sideboards, chiffoniers, display cabinets, cellarets, Pembroke tables, davenports, serving table, whatnots, occasional tables, commodes, chests, wardrobes, settees and sofas, arm chairs, chaise lounge, stools, coffers, mule chests, caddies, wine related, Georgian furniture, Victorian furniture, Edwardian furniture, Antique furniture, Georgian silver etc bought, Best prices paid in cash.

Also Wanted Urgently,

Silver, bronze, gold, jewellery, porcelain, china, pottery, clocks, paintings, lighting, glass, toys, books, pianos, instruments, militaries, collectables, bric-a-brac, oriental, carpets etc... House Clearance full or part undertaken, anything considered,
best prices paid in cash,

wanted antique & quality modern items, House Clearance full, part or single items,

wanted chests desks bookcases etc..

WTB Miami Military Institute08/02/15
Looking for any type of antique or memorabilia from MMI (Miami Military Institute) located in Germantown, Ohio from 1884 until 1934. ie uniforms, buttons, swords, paper items

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